The first written that is known referred to the town is the one of “Castell de Tarbana”. The current spelling appears in the year 1274 when King James I donated his “Sibling of Saga”, the “Tárbena Fortification” to his lady, Sibila de Saga. Later it is already spoken of “Valí de Tárbena” and “Baronía de Tárbena” Before being dominated by Jaime I, the castle of Tárbena belonged to Abu-Abdalá-Ben-Hudzail, nicknamed Al-Azrach. After two centuries of vicissitudes in 1445, a Valencian, Guerau Bou acquires the castle of Tárbena with all its valley for the amount of 47,200 salaries.

A crucial moment of our history is the year 1609: The expulsion of the Moriscos is decreed and this place as well as many others from the Kingdom of Valencia are depopulated. Catalina de Moneada wife of the Marquis of Aitona and Viceroy of the Balearic Islands and Aragon tries to repopulate these lands twice, in 1612 and 1616. The settlers came from Mallorca. They bequeathed us the language and customs that remain deeply rooted.

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